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Group Assignment Report

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In this User Guide, you will get an overview of the Group Assignment Report on the EduSmart LMS. 

Click on the My Groups tab on your navigation bar. Select the group that you would like to see reports for. Then click on the orange arrow button next to the selected group. 

This will lead you to a page with all your reporting options for this group. On the second panel, you will see the option of Group Assignment Report. If you click on this, you will be able to see all the assignments assigned to this group.

On this Group Assignment Report page, you will be able to view all assignments that you have for this group. You will see two tabs on this page: Current Assignments will show you all the active assignments your students are working on that are within the due date that you assigned, and Past Assignments will show you all assignments that are now beyond the due date.  Past due assignments can still be worked on by students, but they are marked as past due.

In the main body of each tab, you can view items by their assignment name, when that assignment is due, and how many students have completed that assignment versus the total number of students who were assigned that assignment. 

If you wish to see a detailed report on a specific assignment, click on the orange arrow button next to your chosen assignment. This detailed report will show you different information for different lesson components.  

Data for Instruction Modules, Interactivities, Simulations, Activities, and Journal Prompts is limited to whether or not the student opened each activity (status). IMs also include the amount of time spent on the component.

For Student Reviews, in addition to status, the report shows the total number of gold stars attained by each student.

For the Quizes, the report shows the status with the percent grade if the quiz has been completed. Full data for each student's quiz is accessible via an additional report link.

For the Science Readers, the report shows the status and score of the subjective questions in the reader assessment. An additional reporting link takes you to each student's reader assessment for access to the open-ended response question for manual grading by the teacher.

For the Word Explorer,  several data points are reported:

  • Number of words completed / number of total words
  • Number of lifelines used / number of total possible lifelines
  • Total time spent on the component
  • Overall status

If you have questions about this, or anything else on the EduSmart LMS, please contact [email protected] 

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