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Assigning on Google Classroom

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We recognize that many of our customers are using Google Classroom to share EduSmart assignments with their students.  The purpose of this user guide is to show you the specific process you should follow to ensure that EduSmart assignments are properly tracked in your EduSmart Reporting Dashboard and that the appear properly when embedded into your Google Classroom.


Students must be signed into EduSmart prior to using the EduSmart assignment URLs.  We do not support single sign-on via Google at this time, and if an EduSmart assignment URL is clicked inside of Google Classroom and the student is not already logged into the EduSmart system, the student will be prompted to manually login via our login screen (used for our non-single sign-on customers).  Since the student will not know the correct login credentials for this screen, they will not be able to access the EduSmart assignment.

Lesson Component URLs in the Content Library

Each EduSmart unit contains a variety of lesson components such as Instruction Modules, WordExplorers, Simulations, etc.  Under the "..." action button for each component, you will see a "Copy URL" option.  Please DO NOT use this URL to assign EduSmart components to your students.  This link was incorporated to help science and curriculum specialists who are developing science resource reference materials have an easy-to-use way to link to EduSmart lesson components directly inside of the EduSmart LMS.

Assign Lesson Components to Students Before Generating a URL

Use the "Assign/Reassign" tool under the "..." action button to assign the desired lesson component to your students.  This ensures that your students will see the assignment once they click a link inside of Google Classroom to EduSmart assignments.

After a lesson component is assigned to students, go to the Workspace section of the EduSmart LMS and click on the "Assignments" tab.  This will show all assignments you have made to your students.  You may have to click the "Show all" button on the left if you do not see all of your assignments.  Also, make sure you are displaying the correct grade level in the upper left if your campus has access to multiple grades of EduSmart.

How to Create an Assignment URL

Click on the "..." action button on the right and choose the "Generate URL" tool.


Change the Assignment URL Expiration Date and Time as needed and click the "Generate" button.


After clicking the "Generate" button, you will see the generated URL and a "Copy" action button.  Use this button to copy/paste the assignment URL to the desired location.

Notice that there is also a "Share to Google Classroom" tool.  Click on the Google Classroom icon to access your Google Classroom account.


You will see a pop-up menu that takes you to your Google Classroom account (or to the login page to your Google Classroom account).  Just follow the screen prompts to embed this assignment into your Google Classroom.


This process will also work as you create EduSmart Assignment Playlists and assign those to your students.  EduSmart Assignment Playlists are a way for you to bundle two or more EduSmart lesson components (plus external resources you import into your "My Library" portion of EduSmart) into one assignment.

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