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In this User Guide, we will review Simulations. 

Simulations are virtual lab experiences that let students apply process skills and conceptual knowledge to perform descriptive, comparative, and experimental investigations. 

These multimedia Simulations use video, animation, and still graphics to give students virtual, real-world, field, and laboratory experience. Simulations include setup instructions and walk students through all the steps of conducting an experiment or investigation.

In the Content Library tab of your navigation bar, choose which grade, standard, and topic you would like to find Simulations for. You will see all related components under the Science Library tab. 

All the Simulations for your selection will be marked with "Simulations." You can use the orange buttons to preview, add to playlist, add to My Library, assign, and copy URL. Additionally, if there are printables available for this Simulation, you will find them here. 

Students will be able to choose a hypothesis as the simulation starts. It will not matter what they choose, but this is a moment for the student to reflect on what they know.  

Just like in an in-person lab, students will be introduced to all the lab materials they will need. 

They will experiment on the LMS and record the data they observe. Then they will do the appropriate math related to their experiment. There are printable data forms available to use if doing the Simulations in a group setting.

At the end of the experiment, students are asked to reevaluate their hypotheses in light of their experimental examinations. This provides an opportunity for metacognitive self-assessment. Some simulations are followed by a second experiment that explores the same topic. This shows the students the importance of texting one variable in an experiment at a time. 

If you need help with this, or anything else on the EduSmart LMS, please contact [email protected] 

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