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In this User Guide, we will review Interactivities. 

Interactivities are activities that are formatted like games, which enable students to practice and apply acquired knowledge and skills. These games reinforce newly acquired knowledge, while helping students master the concepts and skills presented. They can be used as independent student activities, or can be used with a group in a synchronous environment.  

In the Content Library tab of your navigation bar, choose which grade, standard, and topic you would like to find Interactivities for. You will see all related components under the Science Library tab.

All the Interactivities for your selection will be marked with "Interactivities." You can use the orange buttons to preview, add to playlist, add to My Library, assign, and copy URL.

While doing the Interactivity you will see a narrative text at the bottom of the screen, which provides additional support to all students. Students can answer correctly or incorrectly; the narrator will show the correct answer, and explain the reasoning behind it. 

Interactivities allow students to interact with the material without the stress often associated with assessments. It can even be used as an activity for the students to do before they are introduced to the concept. 

If you need help with this, or anything else on the EduSmart LMS, please contact [email protected] 

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