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Instruction Module Companions (IMCs)

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1. How to access IMCs and IMC Fillable PDFs:

To begin, make sure you are logged into your EduSmart account. From there, navigate to the Content Library in you navigation bar. 

Next, select the grade you want to work in, and then switch the toggle to which language you want to see lesson components in. If the option for Spanish is greyed out, it means you do not have access to Spanish resources for this grade. 

Use the left-side bar to drill down to the EduSmart Unit you wish to view.

Confirm that you are in the Science Library tab.

Find the Instruction Module Companion (IMC) you would like to use.

You have the option to use either a PDF or a Google Doc. Click the PDF tab to use the PDF with your students. The student versions of the IMC companions are fillable PDF documents that can either be printed out and filled out by the student, completed online and saved for submission to the teacher, or downloaded and then filled out by the student.  Please note that there is no current way for students to submitted a completed IMC to the teacher through the EduSmart LMS.

If you prefer, you can click the Google Doc tab to use the Google Doc version of the IMC with your students. Instructions for how to use the Google Doc version of the IMC are visible when you click on the Google Doc tab.

Choose the PDF tab and use the orange buttons to preview, add to your playlist, add to My Library, or generate assignment. 

The teacher's version of the IMC has answers is available as a PDF.

2. How to assign IMC's within EduSmart's LMS

You have the choice of either assigning the Google Doc or the PDF version of your IMC. 

The student versions of the IMCs are fillable PDF documents, which means that students can type their answers directly onto the PDF. These PDFs can be assigned just like any other lesson component. 

Currently, students cannot submit PDFs to their teacher on the EduSmart LMS and would have to do so via other means. This could be emailing the assignment in or submitting the IMC through their primary LMS, like Canvas or Schoology. 

To assign your IMC: 

3. Student's View of IMC's

Ask your students to log into their respective LMS. For this guide, we will assume that your students are logging into EduSmart to see all their assignments. To understand EduSmart's Student View, click on this User Guide here.

When the students open up their assignment, they will see the IMC PDF. These IMC PDFs are fillable, which means that they can type their answers directly onto the PDF. If the student chooses to complete the fillable IMCs in this view, remind them that they will have to download and save their work.

Another way for students to use the IMCs is to first download the IMC. 

Now open up the downloaded file. You will now see that in areas where students should fill in their responses are light-blue boxes. To fill in the text, just click on the box and type in your response. 

Once the student is done filling out the PDF, they can save it and submit it to the teacher in the manner which the teacher has specified. Currently, students cannot submit PDFs to their teacher on the EduSmart LMS. 

If you need help with this, or anything else on the EduSmart LMS, please contact [email protected] 

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