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Assigning Individual Lesson Components

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This User Guide will show you how to assign individual EduSmart lesson components to students inside of the EduSmart platform.

To begin, click the Content Library tab in your top navigation bar.

Use the pull-down menu to select the grade you are working with.

Use the pull-down menu to select the language you are working with.

Select the Big Idea and Standard.

Go to the lesson component you are interested in assigning and click on the fourth orange button. Then click on Generate Assignment. 

Assign Now: Click on Assign Now. You will have three options on how to assign this lesson component 

  1. To assign the assignment on the EduSmart platform, click on the first option. Choose which classes and/or students you would like to assign this assignment to. Set the start and end date. When you are ready, click on Assign.  
  2. You can send the assignment via URL with the second option. Your students can access the assignment via this url. However, to access this url, students will need to be logged into EduSmart or be prepared to enter valid login credentials. 
  3. To assign via Google Classroom, click on the third option, and it will lead you to log into your Google Classroom. 

Assign Later: Click on Assign Later. This lesson component is saved now in your Workspace in your Assignments tab as an assignment for you to give later to your students. 

If you have questions about this, or anything else on the EduSmart LMS, please contact [email protected]

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