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Finding EduSmart Inside Your Canvas LMS

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Your school district is providing access to EduSmart through your Canvas LMS.  Follow these steps to find and start using EduSmart.

Step 1:  Login to your Canvas account

Step 2:  Select "Dashboard" from the Canvas Navigation Menu

Click on the course that you would like to edit to include EduSmart assignments.

Step 3:  Find and click "EduSmart" on the Canvas resources list

If you do not see EduSmart listed, you will need to contact your district Canvas Administrator for further assistance.  Using Canvas, EduSmart is only available through courses.

When you click on this link to EduSmart, you will be automatically logged into the EduSmart platform.  If you have never accessed EduSmart before, you will be prompted to enter your campus name, and an account will be automatically generated for you.  The EduSmart Teacher Dashboard will appear inside an iFrame window in Canvas.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to properly create student class groups inside of the EduSmart platform to match your Canvas course groups, you will need to go through this process for each Canvas course you will be using.  This will allow EduSmart assignment reporting to be available to you inside of the EduSmart LMS.

You are now ready to create EduSmart Class Groups that match your Canvas LMS Courses.  This is a very important step that will enable you to see your class groups inside of EduSmart and access assignment tracking and reporting features.  Click here to go to the next User Guide:  "Creating New Student Groups to Match Your Canvas Courses"

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