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Assigning EduSmart Assignment Playlists Inside Canvas

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This User Guide will show you how to place EduSmart Assignment Playlists inside your Canvas courses for students to access.

Step 1:  Navigate to EduSmart's Workspace section.

After you have logged into EduSmart through Canvas, click on the "Workspace" menu and click the "Assignments" tab to see your EduSmart Assignments Playlists.  You may have to click the "View All" button on the left.

Find the Assignment Playlist you wish to use in Canvas and click on the action button with the ellipsis "..." and choose the "Generate URL" option.

You will be asked to set an expiration date for this URL.  You can change the date by clicking into the text field or keep the default date.  Click "Generate" to continue.

Step 2:  Copy the Assignment LTI URL for use as a Canvas Assignment

Copy the LTI URL by clicking on the orange "Copy" action button on the right.

NOTE:  It is very important that you use this link when you use EduSmart Assignment Playlists in Canvas.  When students click on this LTI URL inside of Canvas, they will be automatically logged into EduSmart and can begin to work on the assignment immediately. This also ensures accurate tracking and reporting inside of the EduSmart platform.


In Canvas, navigate to the Courses section and click on the "Assignments" option.  Then, click on the "+ Assignment" button.

The Canvas "Add Assignment" dialog box will pop up.  Fill out all of the fields required, and paste in the LTI URL that you copied from EduSmart into the field in the "Submission Type" area.  Be sure that you choose "External Tool" in the drop down menu.  Click the "Save" or "Save and Publish" button when complete.

This EduSmart assignment playlist is now added as a Canvas Assignment.  When a student clicks on this Assignment, they will be automatically logged into EduSmart and see the EduSmart Playlist in an iFrame window inside of Canvas.

If the student has never logged into EduSmart before, they will be asked for the name of their campus and their grade level.  Once this information is submitted by the student, and EduSmart account is automatically created for them and they will have immediate access to the EduSmart assignment inside of Canvas.

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