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Creating an Assignment Playlist Inside the EduSmart Platform

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In this User Guide, you will learn how to create an Assignment Playlist.  For the Canvas LTI implementation that EduSmart has done with your district, you will need to go through this process even if you are planning to assign a single EduSmart Lesson Component to your students inside Canvas.

Step 1:  Access EduSmart through your Canvas LMS

EduSmart will appear inside of a frame in your Canvas LMS.  If this is your first time to access EduSmart through your Canvas LMS, you will be asked for your campus name.  Once submitted, an EduSmart account will be automatically created for you.

Click on "Content Library" to continue.

Step 2:  Find the EduSmart Lesson Components You Wish to Review

Locate the Grade Level,  Body of Knowledge, and Big Idea desired.  Under each Big Idea you will find one or more EduSmart Units.  Choose the unit you would like to use and our Lesson Components will be displayed.  In this example, we have chosen Physical Science, Big Idea 13:  Forces and Changes in Motion, and the unit titled SC.5.P.13.1 - 4 - Effects of Force

Step 3:  How to Build an EduSmart Assignment Playlist

Now you are going to start building your Playlist. Notice that each Lesson Component has a set of four orange action buttons.  You will be using the "Add to Playlist" action buttons.

As you choose the EduSmart Lesson Components that you would like to put into your Assignment Playlist, a counter attached to the "Playlist" icon in the upper right will show you that you are adding items to the playlist.  Click this icon to view Lesson Components that you have identified to be parts of your assignment playlist.  In this example, we have added four Instruction Modules to the playlist.

Please note:  This process must be followed even if you wish to assign a single EduSmart Lesson Component to your students.

Step 4:  How to Save Your Assignment Playlists

After you have added all of the EduSmart Lesson Components desired, click the "Create Assignment" action button.

The Create Assignment page will open. Use the pull-down menus to select the grade, unit, subunit (optional), and Level 3 (optional). Add an Assignment Title in the space provided. You can also add the estimated duration if desired, and you can provide instructions to your students (optional).

Notice that there is a checkbox called "Enforce Ordering."  This checkbox is not checked by default, which means students who receive this assignment can complete the lesson components in any order they desire.  If you want to force the students to work through the lesson components in your Assignment Playlist in order, you can check this checkbox.

Below the Instructions section, you will see your EduSmart Lesson Components that you chose in the Assignment Playlist section.  You can move these around and even put in optional estimated times to complete each component.

When you are satisfied with your Assignment Playlist, click the "Save Assignment" action button at the top or bottom of the page.

You will see a pop-up window confirming that your assignment playlist has been saved successfully.  At this point, you have the option to go to Workspace to see your other Assignment Playlists or return to the Content Library to continue browsing EduSmart content.  To continue the assignment process, click on the "Go to Workspace" action button.

Step 5:  Accessing your Assignment Playlists

In Workspace, click on the Assignments tab.  This will show you all assignment playlists that you have created in EduSmart.  You may have to click the "Show All" link on the left to show all Assignment Playlists or navigate to a different grade level.

In this view, you can see that the Assignment Playlist titled Instruction Modules - Introduction to the Effects of Force (that we just created) now shows on this list along with any other Assignment Playlists you have created previously.

You are now ready to go to the last User Guide in this "quick start" series.  Click here to view the User Guide titled, "Assigning EduSmart Assignment Playlists Inside Canvas."

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