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Welcome to this short series of User Guides designed specifically for Broward County Schools.  You will be accessing EduSmart through your district's Canvas LMS.  We have provided an automated system to create teacher and student accounts on your first attempt to access EduSmart through Canvas.

There are only four User Guides in this quick start resource, and we encourage you to start with the first one and work through them sequentially.  Once you have completed this process, you will find a large collection of additional User Guides under the EduSmart "Help" menu, or you can always email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Here are direct links to the four Quick Start User Guides.  Please begin with the first one titled, "Finding EduSmart Inside your Canvas LMS."

Part 1:  Finding EduSmart Inside Your Canvas LMS
Part 2:  Creating EduSmart Class Groups to Match Your Canvas LMS

Part 3:  Creating an Assignment Playlist Inside the EduSmart Platform

Part 4:  Assigning EduSmart Assignment Playlists Inside Canvas

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