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In this user guide, you will learn how to find and use Readers.

To begin, click on Content Library in your top navigation bar.

Use the pull-down menu to select the grade you are working with.

Use the pull-down menu to select the language you are working with.

Choose the Body of Knowledge and Standard you are working with.

In the Science Library tab, scroll down until you find Readers.

Use the Approaching or Grade Level buttons to choose the appropriate reading level for your students.

Use the orange buttons to preview the Reader, assign it to your playlist, bookmark it, generate a lesson or share the Reader with a colleague.

Click the Play button to preview the Reader.

The Reader will open. Use the text to speech button to start the text to speech option. You may fast forward or rewind the text to speech by using the appropriate buttons.

Use the View button to change the way the Reader looks. You can change the font, text size, color, invert the colors or have all of the images displayed in Greyscale.

At the end of each Reader, you will find an assessment.

If you have any questions about this or anything else on the EduSmart LMS, please contact [email protected]

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