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Creating a New Student Group to Match Your Canvas Courses

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In this User Guide you will learn how to create a new student group. 

You will first want to click on My Groups in your navigation bar after you have accessed EduSmart.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to properly create student class groups inside of the EduSmart platform to match your Canvas course groups, you will need to go through this process for each Canvas course you will be using.  This will allow EduSmart assignment reporting to be available to you inside of the EduSmart LMS. If you do not see a class group that corresponds to your Canvas courses, please continue this procedure.

If you need to create a new class group to match your Canvas courses, click on the orange Add new group button. Any class groups that have been created previously will appear here.

Type in the name of the class group you wish to create.  We suggest that you use the same name that is used inside of Canvas to avoid confusion.

Now you can choose which students will be added to this group. The students are organized by their grade level, and you can change the grade you are viewing under Select grade/year. 

You can either select all the students in a grade by clicking on the box next to Select all students, or can individually select students by clicking on the box next to their name. 

Save this group by clicking on Save class group. Once everything is saved, you can click on Back to My Groups to view all your groups. 

Important Note:  You must follow this process for each of your Canvas courses in order to be able to see assignment progress and generate assignment reports.

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